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Financial Planning & Investment Philosophy

Financial Planning

The Principals of Financial Discovery believe it is important to have a comprehensive perspective of your net worth in order to strike an effective balance between current lifestyle, savings, investing for retirement, and your other goals.  A comprehensive view of your overall wealth considers both current and future assets and liabilities as well as any insurance necessary to protect your assets.  We provide you with ongoing analysis of changes in your net worth, allowing you to monitor progress toward your goals.

Components of Net Worth



  • Earnings & Savings Potential
  • Financial Assets
  • Real Estate Investments
  • Business Interests


  • Current Lifestyle
  • Retirement Goals
  • Education Funding
  • Medical Expenditures



Your investment strategy is one of the most important parts of the financial plan.  Our firm tailors the allocation of your financial assets based on your perspective of risk as well as risks inherent in your personal situation.  For example, the allocation is adjusted for the degree of stability in your earnings, any relationship between your income and the stock market or a particular industry, and your flexibility to continue working, in addition to the amount of your assets and age.

Every person's circumstances are different; therefore, every person should have a different investment strategy and allocation. Additionally, the investment allocation should be modified for each stage of your life, changes in your personal situation, and shifts in market outlook.  To provide flexibility for these allocation changes and to minimize investment fees and taxes, our firm uses liquid, low cost, tax efficient exchange traded funds (ETFs) and no-load mutual funds.  We do not place client assets in proprietary funds or illiquid investments such as structured notes, hedge funds or private equity.  Our firm uses a large, third-party custodian to safeguard your assets and provide independent reporting. 

Financial Planning
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