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Schwab Signature Alliance

Financial Discovery utilizes the Schwab Institutional Client Services Group to provide our clients with a full range of investment services. Clients who want to view their Financial Discovery accounts and clients that want to have a separate brokerage account and do their own investment trading, can now access their accounts using the Schwab Signature Alliance web site.

Only clients whose overall relationship is managed by an investment advisor like Financial Discovery can access this exclusive web site.

Instructions for accessing Schwab Signature Alliance:

Once the investment advisor sets up a brokerage account for the client and the account is funded, the client goes "online" to the following web site address:


When the client accesses the web site for the first time, they will need to have their Schwab brokerage account number available. They then call Schwab at 1-800-515-2157 and talk to a representative who will help them log in for the first time.

The client needs to be prepared to provide a new password in the following format:

  • The Password can contain no symbols (! % # etc.)
  • It must include 6-8 letters AND numbers.
  • Include at least one number BETWEEN the first and last characters
  • Examples of valid password formats are: kev6in or 2be111.

The representative with Schwab will lead you through the rest of the process for accessing the Schwab Signature Alliance web site.

The web site provides a wealth of information and should be of great value to those clients who have the interest and who want to become more knowledgeable of investment markets.

Please contact Financial Discovery if you have any questions or if you need additional help using this service.

Note: When viewing the trading screen you will see a statement that reads" Please consult your investment manager before placing any trades in this account". This statement is intended to benefit the investment manager from an informational standpoint. You are not required to call the investment manger every time you make a trade in an account you manage for yourself.

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